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Company History

In our family bakery we bake for you for more than 20 years.
Our family tradition continues in important events in history of the town of Kladno dating back to the thirties of last century.

Thanks to a convenient location near to capital city of Prague and picturesque Central Bohemian Region, in 1921 it was able to put into operation our bakery, mill and pasta and gingerbread factory, which formerly had belonged to Velkonákupní společnost družstev in Prague. Thereafter the company was taken over by Středočeské pekárny a cukrárny(central bohemian bakeries and confectionar's shops). In this time the local mill which was the main source of grain bakery ingredients in bread burned down.

Since 1993, the Kladno bakery is a private property called Kompek. The actual founder comes from a region rich in basic Czech agricultural crops: hops and honey.

All the members of the family honor and preserve the traditional recipe, which you can taste in the form of fresh brown toasted bread, pastries, cakes, and other goodies.All kinds of breads you can buy in a wide network of distributors or directly from the hands of confectioners in the local stores. More information on

The Medline

Close to the heart of Europe - the ancient city of Prague - we produce for you our family honey cake.
In comparison to other honey cakes our recipe differs primarily in fats and sugars in the cream, which connects honey cake plates.

In sweet taste of this traditional ingredient such as honey already Charles IV indulged on the castle of Křivoklát in deep forests where he had settlement. From these forests it is very close to the bakery in Kladno, where we bake for you goodies using only the finest recipes for more than 20 years.

Even the founder of the bakery Kompek was born in the village of Úlovice, which name indicates that honey there was the traditional gift of nature.  It was in fact the center of beekeepers and wasp hives. All his family comes from this picturesque region near the town of Loun, which is also remarkable for their production of hops.

For centuries the traditional production of these materials is followed and therefore we would like to preserve this tradition in the form of delicious cake Medline.

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Nozarova and Škuthanova family

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Our honey cakes are exported to Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and MAKRO also supplies the Prague airport gift packaged honey cake.

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